Monday, May 31, 2010

Inside the Jewel

Hey have we showed you the inside of the ship yet? No?! What the crap! Let's fix that with some intra-ship photography.

This is the ship, in case you forgot what it looked like from the other posts.

Deck 12. Two pools, one for kids and one for adults. The kids pool is the one with the water slide, so I think they clearly win the "Who Has a Better Pool" contest. There are 5 hot tubs, two attached to the kids pool, two attached to the adult pool and one in a secret corner for very tiny baby children. Kids are bananas for hot tubs. This is a fact.

Deck 7, where you can circle the ship on the walkway. This encircles the karaoke bar, the second floor of the theatre, the atrium/lobby, the Galleria Gift Shop/Duty Free Store, internet cafe and, Art Auction Gallery and Photo Gallery. That means inside you can sing a song, see a show, chill, buy jewelry/cigarettes, check your e-mail, bid on art and find the pictures of your family from when you boarded the ship. Again, that's on the inside. On the outside, you walk and play shuffleboard.

The Garden Cafe. Also Deck 12, this is the buffet dining room. They have, I'm guessing conservatively, 900 different types of food, and all the coffee you can drink. I spend a lot of time here, then stand outside the gym and cry. It's a good workout.

Bar City, Deck 6. Home of three different bars and two restaurants, Deck 6 is where you find a lot of folks at night while we're at sea, usually drinking before or after meals or shows. It's also set up as a lounge for the musicians on the ship. We have two pianists, Nathaniel and Fabrizio, a guitar trio called Los Amigos and a solo guitar player named Angel. I may sound biased as a fellow entertainer, but they are all dumb-stupid talented. Nathaniel and Fabrizio know, conservatively, 7,000 songs. Los Amigos has a guitarist that can solo during a Pink Floyd song with a highball glass and Angel, on top of also knowing 7,00 songs, even played the theme to Super Mario Bros. on his guitar for us, because he knows our cast is a bag of nerds. I personally celebrated this feat of musicianship like he hit a walk-off home run in the playoffs, which I think was more frightening then flattering. Everyone else agreed.

The Backyard.

The ship at sunset in Nassau.

More pics of the inside of the Jewel coming soon.

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