Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Inside the Jewel

"You posted pictures of the ship?" Carisa said. "What a great idea!"

Well, that's settled. Here's more intra-ship fantasia. I just woke up.

Last night, on our way up the crew elevator to dinner. Note the nametag. It says Kevin Sciretta: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Represent.

"Meet, Greet, Repeat." I think that was also the slogan of the 1993 Bulls.

This is where we perform the big show every week. Holds a little over 1000 spectators. Now I know how Roman gladiators felt, except without all the slavery, lion attacks, and having to kill people I just met. In fact, I rescind my previous statement.

Me, surprised, at the entrance of Fizz Bar, the karaoke lounge. I go here and imagine my friends from Chicago screaming their favorite songs after 12 beers. They've got "Proud Mary" and "Don't Stop Believing", guys. I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

Chin Chin's! Asian cuisine in three parts: Teppanyaki (think Benihana, but you're, you know, in the ocean.), the Sushi Bar (self-explanatory) and Chin Chin's (Dishes from all over the continent, including Mongolian Hot Pot, which is apparently fondue with meat and oil, so, there's no excuse why I haven't gone.) I always order crispy wontons, then yell at other people for not ordering it. I've been told to stop doing that. The yelling part. I will NEVER stop ordering the wontons.

Aerial view of piano lounge in Bar City. Bar City: Official Candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Ceiling above Chin Chin's, Bar City. Bar City: Sister City to Bangkok, Shrevport and East Lansing.

Mama Ocean.

Carisa and her first and only love.

There's more to the ship, but if we put all those pictures in, you wouldn't come back, would you?

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  1. Damn, I thought you were Phillipino