Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey! We went to Epcot!

We're excited! Carisa's excited! I'm excited too! Trust me.

Epcot is a magical passageway to different times and cultures. You can go to Mexico. Forget seeing actual Mayan ruins in Honduras. See one interns built in Southern Florida.

Or a Viking hall in Norway! Remember Vikings? Now you can live just like one, except with deodorant and, you know, laws against stealing your wife and lighting you on fire.

You can also travel to......SPACE!!!! OOOOOOOOooooooohhh! These are the actual helmets they used on Apollo 11. You can buy them at the gift shop.

After space, go to Germany with John and Andy.

Then France with me and John. They have beer. We know, because we found some.

Hey, you like art? They got all kinds of art in France. John and Carisa just made some.

Then, they took an old-timey picture of it. Carisa's got the phosphorus burns to prove it! Bully!

Right next to France? Morocco.

Then, of course, England. We got confused about the capacity of these things.

John saw a princess and Freaked. Out.

On the way out, Carisa and Andy picked up some mouse ears. Proof that we toured the world.

Yes indeed. Proof.

Carisa looking adorable.

Me looking like Boba Fett.


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